Gift Certificates

When you purchase a Gift Card, you’ll receive a code which give to your gift recipient.  They create a login at where they use the code to assign the gifted pass to their account, and then register for the eligible classes of their choice.

 If you don’t see the option you’d like to give, please let us know and we’ll add it in!


$85 Gift Card for Private Yoga 1-Hour Single Session GIFT CARD

$20 Gift Card for 90-Minute 1 Class GIFT CARD

$95 Gift Card for 90-Minute 5 Classes GIFT CARD

$185 Gift Card for 90-Minute 10 Classes GIFT CARD

$360 Gift Card for 90-Minute 20 Classes GIFT CARD


Redeeming A Gift Card Code

Did you receive a gift card ? Lucky you!

You can consider that code to be a ‘100% off’ discount for a specific pass.

Here are the steps to redeem it:


Navigate to the pass purchase page

The link to the pass was included in the email sent to the purchaser – if you did not receive a link then circle back with whomever gave you the gift.

Scroll down below the schedule and you’ll see “Purchase a Pass” options. 

Scroll to the bottom of that to find the Gift Cards.


Fill out the purchase form with your name, email address, and phone number

As the gift recipient, you’ll fill out the form with your details: your name, your email address, and your phone number.

This allows Punchpass to apply the gift card to your customer account so you can go ahead and book your next classes.

Do you need to enter the discount code?

If you arrived on the pass purchase page from an emailed link, the link you received should have the discount code already applied.


If the price of the pass isn’t $0, just enter the code into the Discount field and click ‘Apply Discount’:


That will change the price of the pass to be free. Fill out any additional information and click the purchase button to claim your pass.

We hope you enjoy the gift!

Having trouble redeeming your gift card?

Please reach out to us at so we can let you know what’s happened and identify what the best next steps are.

[email protected]