Discover and celebrate life through finely tuned alignment and heartfelt expression.

In French, the word for sunflower is tournesol, which means “turns towards the sun”. For sunflowers, turning towards warmth and nourishment is natural. Yoga offers support as we turn towards the nourishment we need to survive and flourish. Yoga puts us in touch with our own inner wisdom and strength, and helps us embody these in our communities.

Lake Gosaikunda in Nepal is sacred to Shiva

Lake Gosaikunda in Nepal is sacred to Shiva

Student Testimonials

“Tasha is the best yoga teacher I’ve ever worked with! She helps each student reach their potential fully. She is very knowledgeable about anatomy, and makes therapeutic recommendations for students to address their personal challenges. She’s helped me to grow both my physical and spiritual practice of yoga far beyond my expectations.” — Janet Curran

“I have been getting so much stronger from taking Tasha’s Anusara yoga beginner series! As a fitness trainer, I enjoy how much attention is given to the actions of specific muscles in this practice. It is about really working with the muscles, with skeletal alignment, and with developing balance and stamina. I highly recommend Tasha, who teaches this form from the inside out. Her cueing is always precise, visual, and always just one step ahead of the class. Besides getting stronger, I have also found that a chronic back problem, which had required regular chiropractic care, has resolved.” — Adrian Dunn

“Tasha is everything one hopes for in a teacher. She is creative, insightful, inspiring and fun. Her knowledge of Anusara yoga is deep and she shares that knowledge with generosity and passion. I particularly enjoy the way she uses storytelling to illuminate the detail in each pose enabling many “a-ha” moments in the course of a class.” — Susan Lyons


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