Neelakantha Meditation

Neelakantha Meditation as taught in Blue Throat Yoga with Natasha “Tasha” Judson:

In order to practice Neelakantha Meditation we need not give up anything.  Neelakantha Meditation makes everything in life better. With meditation there can be bliss, eventually sometimes.  That bliss is nourishing, refreshing, encouraging, clarifying, energizing, rejuvenating.  We are grateful for what we are given, what comes for us, whether it’s a barely perceptible shift or huge release of contracted limitation.  It works out best when we’re humble and  appreciative but we don’t work on that during meditation practice.  Naturally with repetition we become more patient, loving, committed, present, sensitive, present to tiny sensation and steady in the midst of  intensity, engaged. We fall prey less to the overwhelming narrow preconceptions we might have learned to animate about ourselves, others, the world and life.  Sometimes we might be frustrated and want more.  Meditation is new and different, each time unique.  It’s personal, deeply intimate and private and yet the universal birthright of all humans.  The possibility for meditation comes online during adolescence, yet the potential of meditation deepens and grows over an entire lifetime.  Sometimes if feels like work and commitment to get started but there is no downside to falling in love with our meditation practice.

Neelakantha Meditation is an exquisite, simple practice for going deep inside to the core of our being. We emerge refreshed, revitalized, and prepared for activity. The practice is natural, working with the nature of the mind.  Neelakantha Meditation locates our capacity to easily move inwards effortlessly, without harsh concentration. We simply sit down comfortably, close the eyes and begin.

Neelakantha Meditation connects to the natural functioning of the mind to move towards more, locating a current of awareness that is drawn towards less activity and more wholeness.  In this way, the natural functioning of the power of the body grows. The body knows how to integrate and move towards wholeness.

We also learn key concepts for understanding what is happening as we meditate, so that the mind is able to register and value the process.  Neelakantha Meditation is deeply profound, simple and easy to practice, as well as highly practical.  As the power of the body grows, it releases contractions, stress and tension and allows our natural capacities to reveal themselves and operate more fully and freely in our daily activities.

Neelakantha Meditation works with the nature of the body and the mind, so it is natural and easy to learn, featuring:

  • Comfortable sitting
  • Easy, natural, effortless practice
  • Individually tailored method
  • Adult spirituality
  • Integration of experiential and theoretical understandings
  • Support for householder life and livelihood
  • Nourishment for well being of the body and capacity of the mind
  • Daily, lifelong practice

No beliefs, skills or talents are necessary for this exquisite practice to work fully.  Over time with regular practice, Neelakantha Meditation discloses greater access to the sublime vibratory nature of consciousness at the core of our own nature, to the free and unconditioned source and support for life.

This course in Neelakantha Meditation begins with individual formal instruction followed by two sets of explanations. These teachings take place in three sessions of about two hours each, held over over 2-4 days.  In these sessions you learn the practice that is right for you, how to do your practice, and you learn in the proper way.  In this formal process you receive the essential tools with the enlivened capacity to begin and deepen your beautiful, life-enhancing meditation practice.

After formal instruction, your course in Neelakantha Meditation proceeds with support from your teacher as well as from Blue Throat Yoga meditation school:

  • You are warmly invited to participate in local meditation group practices.
  • Please email questions and comments at any time, or to set up a phone or in-person meeting to discuss your practice.

Through Blue Thoat Yoga:

  • Live programming with teachers of Neelakantha Meditation.
  • Extensive online library of pre-recorded talks, FAQs, and translations by Paul Muller-Ortega, PhD.
  • You are always welcome to attend any Day 2 teachings with an authorized teacher of Neelakantha Meditation, including Paul. There is no cost but it is necessary to pre-register.
  • Blue Throat Yoga is a school which in addition to meditation teaching offers retreats and study courses to support your practice.

To inquire further or register for this course, please email [email protected] or call 413 346 3638..  We are happy to schedule your course at times that work for you.

Blue Throat Yoga is a school for meditation practice and study founded in 2006 by scholar and teacher Dr. Paul Muller-Ortega.  For more information, please visit the Blue Throat Yoga website and Blue Throat Yoga Facebook page.

Tasha began her yoga practice while in high school and her meditation practice shortly after college.  She was introduced to Buddhist traditions and made her first trip to Asia while in college.  After graduating she continued to study and practice meditation in several Buddhist traditions, and resumed her Hatha Yoga practice in alignment oriented traditions.  Synchronously, while teaching high school social studies she honed her skills in articulating complex material in accessible ways and supporting diverse students to learn.  Having discovered she loves to practice and teach yoga asana, in 2006 she became a certified Anusara Yoga teacher, which introduced studies in non-dual ?aiva-?akta tradition.  At this time, Paul Muller Ortega, a renowned scholar and practitioner, was in the process of forming a school of meditation now known as Blue Throat Yoga.  She’s been studying and meditating in ever since, including daily meditation, study, and multiple retreats annually.  In 2016 she became an Authorized Teacher of Neelakantha Meditation as taught in Blue Throat Yoga.   Tasha has served on the guiding group teams for several Blue Throat Yoga study courses, and co-taught the foundational course Entering the Heart of ?iva in 2021.  She has travelled to sacred sites in Asia on multiple occasions, and led groups on trips to temples in India including especially Chidambaram Temple in Tamil Nadu, the home of dancing ?iva Nataraja.