Principles of Yoga Practice – October 6-8, 2023

Empower your yoga asana practice with principles.  Principles are a set of ideas that help your mind register what your body is feeling. Accurate principles based on deep, experiential knowledge of the human body are passed on from tradition.  Learning these principles intellectually helps you listen more clearly to your body.  Instead of pulling against the optimal flows of movement and muscular-skeletal organization, the mind aligns with and supports optimal physical alignment. 

With clear, accurate principles your body gains a means to communicate with your mind.  Pleasant, unpleasant and painful sensations gain new meaning since their underlying significance comes into conscious view.  More varied and nuanced sensations begin to appear and be recognized.  The mind can flow more fully with these sensations, and also make alignment choices that support increased ease and flow in the body. 

Principles accelerate the capacity for yoga to teach itself, since the mind has tools to interpret what is happening as we practice.  Learning life-enhancing principles supports self-sufficiency is practice.  Such principles empower the efficacy of your time and energy spent practicing yoga. 

In this workshop you will learn the systematic set of Anusara Yoga principles of Alignment, energized from deep Attitudes of Heart, which inform and guide Action in yoga.  Our weekend will be spent in a combination of mini-lecture, small group and dyad discussion, hands on anatomy with bones and skeleton, and experiential learning through asana practice, and journalling.  Opportunities for partner work may be included.

Friday, October 6:  5:00pm-7:00pm Overview and Opening to Grace

Friday Optional Group Dinner at Blue Mango

Saturday, October 7: 1:00pm-3:00pm Muscular and Organic Energy

Saturday, October 7: 4:00pm-6:00pm Inner Spiral and Outer Spiral

Saturday Optional Group Dinner at Spice Root

Sunday, October 8:  1:00pm-3:00pm Loops

*End times are approximate and may run up to 1/2-hour longer.

Taught by Tasha Judson, Experienced Certified Anusara Yoga Teacher.