Yoga with Quazzy – Sponsored by Africana Studies – Tuesday 2/12, 12-1:15pm

Quazzy is an open-level Vinyasa and Hot Yoga Instructor, with a unique and diverse background. Quazzy has a passion for helping others and has high vibration energy and mellow mannerisms, which provides an easy going and accessible experience for all people.
“I started doing Yoga after years of hunching over Computers/Machines, working long-hours in Recording Studios. Since practicing Yoga, I have felt physically healthy, Artistically-Inspired, and more Compassionate towards everyone I meet. I know how self-empowerment has helped me and I want that for everyone.”
Please pre-register for this class here to reserve your spot.
There is no fee for this class. Sponsored by Africana Studies, Williams College.
Mats are available at the studio.