We are ONLINE – Join us for a Class or Private

We are now offering our full schedule of classes online.  While not the same as practicing together in person, gathering and doing yoga at this time of challenge and change can be a valuable support.

To prepare for ONLINE class, load Zoom into your laptop or device.  Next, find the Classes page on this website.  Click View Details for your class to find the link and login information to join.  You can join a class even if you have not signed up.

Click the Sign Up button for your class to create or login to your Tasha Yoga account at Mindbody Online.  Once you create your login and password, you can manage your account online including signing up for classes.  Don’t worry if you end up creating two accounts.  We receive notice and merge them together for you so all your info and class cards will still be there in one account.

Gather together your mat and any props you have available.  You can use books for blocks and and belts or towels for yoga straps.  If you have cotton or wool blankets, these can be useful as well.

Set up your mat and device.  Line your mat up parallel to the walls of your room.  Place the mat far enough away from the camera so that the mat shows on your screen, and also enough height for standing up.  Try to avoid backlighting as it darkens your image.

Being able to see you allows your teacher to offer some verbal adjustments during class.  Be aware, however, that we cannot see as well as in live class.  So it’s important for you to be mindful of  your foundation in particular to support your practice.  If you feel pain discontinue a pose.

We will mute during the invocation to improve sound quality.  Your teacher may unmute after that so you can ask questions during class.  If you have sound in your location, you or your teacher can mute your microphone.

You can select Speaker View to see your teacher on a larger screen.  This button is in the top right corner of your screen.