Iyengar Yoga Workshops with Chris Beach Thursdays 6pm 6/18 & 7/16

We are thrilled to welcome back Chris Beach.  He will be moving to Lyons, France at the end of July so we are lucky to have him here before he goes.  I have had the privilege to practice alongside Chris at Patricia Walden’s Advanced Class on Wednesdays in Boston on several occasions.  He is always there early helping with therapeutics and contributing to the community discussions.  I find his teaching clear and kind, and astutely tailored to each individual.  I am grateful for his willingness to share the Iyengar Yoga method with our community.

The Iyengar method teaches asanas (poses) and pranayama (breathing) through a deep awareness of correct alignment and through precise actions guided by specific instructions. The technique helps to refine the poses, while it trains the mind to remain alert, focused, and composed.

Chris Beach AMS

Christopher Beach has been practicing Iyengar Yoga for 29 years and teaching for 18 years. He has studied in Pune, India, with the Iyengar family four times and is a student of a wide range of senior teachers including Patricia Walden, Manouso Manos, and Gloria Goldberg.  He is certified at the Intermediate Junior III level and is the former President of the Iyengar Yoga National Association of the United States.  In his teaching, Chris uses detailed and progressively refined instruction to achieve greater flexibility, strength, stamina, and physical awareness, as well as mental and emotional stability.

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Please note:  Although beginning Thursdays at 6pm, a regular class time, these workshops require a separate registration.   Class runs 6pm-8:30pm.  The pacing and sequencing of these classes makes them accessible to all levels of student. Please pre-register for this workshop here.