Iyengar Yoga Workshop with Linda DiCarlo Fri 9/29-Sun 10/1

 We are sorry but this workshop has been cancelled due to lack of advance enrollment.

Linda is a Senior Certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher from Providence, RI

To Register please follow this link.  You must both purchase your sessions, and also then sign up for the specific sessions you wish to attend.  Enrollment limited.

Full Workshop: $195/3 Sessions: $153/2 Sessions: $106/1 Session: $55

Friday 4-6:30pm –  Standing Poses – The lower aspects of the 8 limbs of yoga establish the foundation for the higher aspects.  We will use the values of the yamas and niyamas to establish the mindset for the yoga journey. Learn to stand on your own two feet in unusual circumstances and study yourself. Cultivate stability, mobility and balance across the dimensions of your life.

Saturday  10 – 12:30  Chest Opening – Asana practice can teach us the art of Dharna (concentration).  Back extensions are typically more technical than the work of other asanas and a strong mental component is required.  Learn to cultivate attention moment by moment to develop a more intelligent practice. Observe how this impacts your ability to maintain attention with poise.

Saturday 3:00 – 5:30 PM Inversions and Twists – The more organic poses fall into these two categories.  The organs are wrung, compressed, and stretched in twists. Circulation is aided with inversions as the heart is put at ease and a sense of calm permeates the embodiment. Transformation is tangible.

Sunday 10:00 – 12:30  Hips Opening – The ball and socket hip joint has the potential for a wide range of movement. Sedentary demands of the western lifestyle limit this potential. It is essential to maintain suppleness in the hip joints to enhance the function of the lower back and maintain mobility as we evolve and change.

About Linda: Linda began practicing yoga in 1974 and teaching in 1976. Since 1986 she has been devoted to the Iyengar method, continues to study with and assist her senior teacher, Patricia Walden of Cambridge, and travels to Pune, India to study with the Iyengar family on a regular basis, most recently in February 2014.  Linda’s teaching style is clear, concise, and compassionate. With attention to detail and individual feedback, she cultivates confidence in students. A balance between physical postures and yoga philosophy creates a deeper understanding in her classes.  For more about Linda and her studio in Providence, RI click here.