Introduction to Yoga: Learn the Basics of Yoga, Breathing, & Meditation in Williamstown or N. Bennington

Two Great Options:

Wed 12-1 @ Tasha Yoga, Williamstown, MA 10/7-11/4

Thurs 4-5 @ The Left Bank, N Bennington, VT 10/8-11/5

with Tasha Judson, M.Ed., Certified Yoga Teacher

In this five-week series you will learn fundamentals of practicing yoga, including accessible physical poses, breathing, and meditation.  Instructions are provided and individually tailored to help you make the most of your practice from the beginning.  Especially when taken together, these powerful tools can combine to help you shift your life towards greater ease and deeper well being.

We will spend half the class on meditation, so a good 30 minutes.  I will teach from perspective of Mindfulness practice.  It will be a good grounding in the basics.  The asana portion will cover the key alignment points that are universal to all the poses.  Knowing them helps your asana practice grow quickly and safely and gives you tools to problem solve on your own.  I also aim to touch on the basic pranayama practices (breathing).

Since 1999, Tasha has offered Hatha Yoga in the Berkshires, Massachusetts. Her classes combine breath based movement, mindful alignment within poses, and intelligent sequencing individually adapted to support the optimal unfolding of each individual.   For her it was a revelation when, early in her practice, a yoga teacher showed her how to get out of pain.  An educator by training and background, she loves hearing from students how each one is uniquely applying the practices, discovering a life empowered with greater freedom and joy.

If you have any questions please contact Tasha at [email protected] or (413)346-3638.

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