Tai Chi with Zelda Stern

Tai Chi began Wednesday, May 18 with a free introductory class 5:30-6:30pm taught by Zelda Stern.  This was the first of a ten week series.  This series class is currently full.

Zelda Tai Chi

Zelda began studying the gentle form of exercise, meditation, and martial art known as tai ji quan (or t’ai chi ch’uan), in the 1970s in New York City with Herman Kauz, a martial arts expert who became one of the foremost teachers of tai ji in this country. Kauz was an early student of Cheng Man-ch’ing, one of the first Chinese masters to introduce tai chi to the United States.

After moving to Williamstown, Zelda continued to practice tai ji independently and then with instructor Scott Carrino, an advanced student of internationally acclaimed tai ji instructor and educator Chungliang Al Huang. Zelda eventually taught in Scott’s place when he went on sabbatical.

Zelda’s classes consist of qi gong exercises followed by instruction in the Yang style Cheng Man-ch’ing short form, the most widely practiced form of tai ji. She holds a B.A. in Asian Studies from Barnard College, is the author of The Complete Guide to Ethnic New York (St. Martin’s Press), co-author and co-translator of Mao’s Harvest: Voices from China’s Red Guard Generation(Oxford University Press), and worked for many years in public relations and communications.

In recent decades, science has discovered that the slow, flowing movements of the ancient Chinese art of tai ji offer a remarkably effective workout for people of all ages. Regular practice has been found to improve balance, coordination, leg strength, cardiovascular endurance, pulse rate, muscular flexibility, immune system response, mental concentration, and cognitive ability.

Fee for 10-week series is $150.