Learn Neelakantha Meditation with Tasha

Please consider joining me to learn this exquisite practice.  Neelakantha Meditation works with the nature of the mind, so it is natural and easy to learn.  Even if you have struggled with meditation in the past, this approach can work for you.  This practice is not about a struggle to overcome thoughts, but rather an access door to the current of awareness that carries us to the depths of our own vast, expansive, free consciousness.  Bathing and steeping in this unconditional light brings forth beneficial transformations, furthering our capacity to be with all aspects of life with greater and greater skill, love, and efficacy.

This meditation practice is learned through a process of individual personal instruction. Please be in touch if you would like more information, or to set up a time to learn.

For more information, please visit the meditation page of this website as well as the Blue Throat Yoga website and Blue Throat Yoga Facebook page.