Neelakantha Meditation Personal Instruction with Tasha

Neelakantha Meditation as taught in Blue Throat Yoga

with Neelakantha Meditation authorized teacher Natasha Judson

Neelakantha Meditation is an exquisite, simple practice for going deep inside to the core of our being. We emerge refreshed, revitalized, and prepared for activity. The practice is natural, so it does not make use of harsh effort or concentration. Working with the nature of the mind, the practice locates our capacity to easily move inwards. We simply sit down, close the eyes, and begin. The body knows how to integrate and heal, and meditation effortlessly facilitates this process.

All traditions and cultures across the world have unfolded pathways for connecting deeply inside to who and what we all truly, already are which is of the nature of unbounded freedom. This particular method emerges from the long past of yoga into our modern circumstance. This meditation practice does not require any beliefs.  There are no prerequisites. Individual skills and talents are not necessary to practice it to the fullest benefit possible.

One of the particular strengths of this beautiful practice is its compatibility with householder life.   Living as a householder is a unique opportunity to fulfill the highest potential of a human life, when supported by the appropriate practices.  Neelakantha Meditation facilitates the beneficial pulsation of alternating deep, inward steeping in consciousness with activity in the world.  Taken together, the maximum potential for integrating the deepest depths of wholeness and freedom into waking consciousness can unfold into living experience on a moment to moment level.

This course in Neelakantha Meditation can be offered in a weekend format, or it can take place over 2-3 days of your choosing:

  • First session, Day 1: Basics of how the practice works, how to go about your practice, and explanation of individual personal instruction.
  • Second session, Day 1: Individual personal instruction.
  • Third session, Day 2: More in depth understanding of how the practice works.
  • Fourth session, Day 2 or Day 3: More in depth understanding of how to go about your practice and review of follow up support.

At that point you have learned what you need to get started. You have the essential tools to maintain and support your beautiful, life-enhancing meditation.

The follow up support for your course includes:

  • You are warmly invited to participate in local meditation group practices with Tasha in Williamstown, MA.
  • Please email questions and comments to Tasha at any time, or to set up a phone or in-person meeting to discuss your practice.

As part of your course, you are also offered extensive support through Blue Throat Yoga, including:

  • Live tele seminars with Q&A with the Neelakantha Meditation Initiates Guiding Group.
  • Eighteen monthly Invitations to Inquiry, including short audio recordings and documents on a particular topic in support of your meditation practice.
  • Online pre-recorded talks, FAQs, and translations by Paul Muller-Ortega, PhD.
  • Eligibility for Vibrating Silence Retreats, where additional practices that support your meditation are offered, as well as the chance to deepen into your practice that retreat exquisitely offers.
  • You are always welcome to attend, with no additional contribution, any Day 2 with any of the authorized teachers including Paul. Please pre-register.  In our area Paul Muller Ortega will be teaching in Lenox, MA, Monday-Tuesday, October 23-24, 2017.

Maximum Enrollment: 5 people receiving personalized individual instruction per two-day course.  To register for this course, please email [email protected]  We are happy to schedule your course at your convenience.

Contribution: Regular, $450. Full time students 18-26 years old, $360. Over 86 years old, $0. 

Why practice Meditation?

  • Meditation is when consciousness turns upon itself and grows. 
  • When conscious awareness turns upon sensations so we feel our lives more; we connect with our lives more. 
  • Effortlessly by this connection of consciousness to life it finds itself and thereby our lives are transformed moment by moment in a living vibrant way. 
  • Anything that does not do this, according to this definition then is not actually meditation. 
  • So thinking about our lives is not meditation. 
  • Attempting to control or stop thoughts or any other experience, is not meditation.  It backfires and only adds more tension and disconnection, without ever tapping in to the miraculous yet completely natural and normal, inborn capacity for consciousness. 
  • Our ordinary approaches to solving life keep us flailing in misguided attempts to find ease, support, vibrancy, relief. 
  • Meditation includes methods or means for consciousness to find itself, and tap in to a heretofore hidden pathway towards ultimacy, towards our own true nature.

Why practice Neelakantha Meditation? 

This practice offers a powerful tool for discovering the already inwardly flowing stream of consciousness, which is hidden in ordinary awareness by the forceful strong outward flow of attention into the senses as they relate to what appear to be external objects. 

Through this practice, the mantra effortlessly connects us to the inward flowing of consciousness, to its source in itself.   

So actually why do I meditate? 

  • I think I should. 
  • I feel better afterwards. 
  • It helps me be more of who I already am. 
  • I gain insights into my life and relationships, letting go of old ways of thinking of things and emotional baggage without even knowing it until I’m back on the ground and find myself relating in new ways. 
  • It can be very interesting with all the sensations and subtleties to feel. 
  • It can be blissful and free, but sometimes its a slog. 
  • Sometimes there is burn off. 
  • I like burning off stupid stuff that isn’t helping me.  It makes me feel strong and heroic afterwards. 
  • I want to learn how to be free so I can sit with people and effortlessly be the space for them that they need to go through whatever it is they need to go through in their process. 
  • I want to be naturally, effortlessly steady and calm, present and accepting with love, no matter what they are going through, like my teachers are.  Like meditation teachers are. 
  • I want to know to the core of my being that I am ok, they are all ok, whatever happens no matter what  it is all ok even when its not ok and totally unacceptable. 
  • I want to be able to think in the midst of stress and pressure and change and crisis. 
  • I feel a little bit of compassion for my own flailing hopeful fearful attempts, strained and awkward, to find a little peace in my skin. 
  • Meditation can help me be with that suffering and find a little love for myself amidst it. 
  • Meditation discloses a synergistic interflow with big life that upholds and alchemizes my individuality to become more serviceable to live my life well, fully, wholly. 
  • I want to realize my human potential and not waste this chance.  I’m over 50 and time is short.

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