TY Teachers

Natasha “Tasha” Judson, M.Ed., E-RYT500

Since 1999, Tasha has offered Hatha Yoga in the Berkshires, Massachusetts. As she guides her students to practice with heartfelt expression and finely tuned alignment,  she encourages each one to enter into their own independent, revelatory relationship with life.  Seeking always to inspire her practice and teaching of yoga through love and a practical grounding in the ecstatic reality of being, she is grateful for the influential guidance of the Dalai Lama, Insight Meditation Society, Patricia Walden, Anusara Yoga, Paul Muller-Ortega, and the horses.

Tasha began her yoga practice in 1980.  After graduating from Wesleyan University in Asian Studies, she taught secondary social studies for nine years.  She began offering yoga full time in 2003 as “Sunflower Yoga” and in 2007 became the Founder/Director of Tasha Yoga studio in Williamstown, MA. Currently she is interested in the  interactions and mutual influences of Hindu and Buddhist yogas as they have unfolded historically, and what this might suggest  for the sequential paths of individual practitioners. Tasha offers weekly classes, workshops, and teacher training as well as therapeutic yoga sessions for individuals.

Ann Clark-Killam, PT, OCS, RYT:

My life has become a wonderful fusion!  With deep gratitude I honor my teachers. For 45 years I have practiced orthopedic physical therapy.  With the turn of the Century, I returned to my yoga practice with Tasha as my primary teacher.  Since then I have enjoyed the wonderful teaching of Martin Kirk, John Friend, Bea Doyle and others. Two years ago I became a certified yoga teacher under the guidance of Tasha and Bea from Albuquerque.  My primary interest is in providing a yoga experience accessible to all.  You can expect a heart-centered, alignment focused, comfortably paced yoga class.

Anne O’Connor:

Anne has been practicing yoga in the tradition of B.K.S. Iyengar since 1995. She has studied with Kevin Gardiner and Lara Brunn at the Iyengar Yoga Institute of New York, as well as with Elizabeth Smullens Brass and Stefanie Roth at Yoga Studio Kreuzberg, Berlin. A Williamstown native, Anne has recently returned to town in order to pursue a two-year teacher training with Patricia Walden in Boston. Although new to teaching, Anne is eager to share the myriad benefits of B.K.S. Iyengar’s rich, intelligent, and profound teachings with beginning and practicing students. Iyengar yoga is alignment-based and makes extensive use of props to help students reach a fuller expression of each pose through attentive adjustments.

John Durnin, RYT:

John began practicing yoga during midlife, and therefore he brings to his teaching the experience that anyone of any age can benefit from the flexibility and strengthening that yoga offers. His teaching emphasizes safety through proper alignment, patience in learning the poses, and advancing at one’s own pace. He enjoys teaching anyone with
a willingness to learn, from beginners to experienced students. In 2011, he completed the one-year Yoga Immersion Program at Tasha Yoga and completed the Yoga Teacher Certification Program in 2012. He has practiced Anusara yoga for ten years.

John’s philosophy that yoga should be fun is reflected in his teaching style. As an engineer, one might even see a reference or two to the physics and mechanics of the human body! John lives in Grafton, NY, about 30 minutes west of Williamstown, MA. He is currently taking part in the Yoga Teacher Development Workshops Series & Mentoring at Tasha Yoga.

Monica Endres, RYT:

“Yoga practice fosters a healthy mind, body and spirit. Teaching yoga is a wonderful opportunity to reach beyond the self and share a beautiful form of movement with the larger community. Having been an art teacher for eighteen years, I find constant appreciation in teaching others, as well as in the connections between yoga and art.”

Deborah Crabbs MacDonald, M.S., RYT

Deborah became a certified Kripalu Yoga instructor  in the year 2000. Since that time, she has offered yoga classes to individuals who have suffered from brain injury, stroke and breast cancer, as well as to the general population and to seniors. Ongoing study and practice has focused primarily on Anusara yoga, though experience has included experimentation with several instructors and yoga styles. The ongoing quest for increasing self awareness is what continues to draw her to practice on and off the mat.

Karen Bucky, RYT

Karen took her first yoga class in graduate school in 1987 and has practiced yoga ever since. Form any years she studied with teachers practicing different schools of yoga, all the time seeking a way to understand yoga as a spiritual discipline as well as a physical discipline. That search found a path when she discovered Anusara yoga in 2006. She has studied with Tasha Judson,Todd Norian and Ann Green, Martin Kirk, Sianna Sherman, Ellen Saltenstall, and Desiree Rumbaugh, and did her yoga teacher training with Sara Rose in Northampton, MA, earning her200-hour yoga certification in May, 2009. She studies meditation with Paul Muller-Ortega.

Off the mat, Karen is a reference librarian at the Clark Art Institute library. At home with her husband and two endlessly delightful teenage daughters she enjoys gardening, bicycling, and swimming in the warm months and skiing and hiking in the cold months.

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